February 11, 2013

Graciously Led to the Word

Have you considered that the fact you are feeling as though you should be in God's Word is the very act of God's gracious prompting by the Holy Spirit? This is exciting! It means He is pursuing YOU! He desires relationship with you? Now it's your turn.

When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight - Jeremiah 15:16

His Word is there. Ready for us to devour it and experience what God has for us.

Start with prayer. God has prompted you as you feel a niggling-type feeling. Yes I know I need to be reading God's Word more. Respond to Him in prayer.
  • Ask God to give you delight in Him
  • Ask God to show you what might be spoiling your appetite for the Word
Our minds were created to be filled with something. What are you desiring right now? What do you delight in? This could be defined as anything nobody has to force your hand at. You find yourself easily drawn to it. It's what you make time for. Do you find yourself anxiously anticipating the next book from your favorite author to be released? Or going back to Facebook or Pinterest multiple times during the day? You just gotta have that cup of coffee in the morning. You can't wait for that program on tv to air. Or maybe it's that alcoholic beverage in the evening to help you "relax."

If you find that you're filling your life with the temporal things of the world (not all of which are evil or bad or wrong in and of themselves) you may be spoiling your appetite for God's Word.  

A fast might be in order from anything He helps you identify that is taking up too much space in your life---NOT to make you more spiritual, but to make room for His Word and the eternal things that matter to God. To give you a greater chance of cultivating that desire for God and His Word.

Simply, there may not be any room in your life for God's Word. Are you willing to take the first step and ask Him to reveal these areas to you in His grace?

Just joining? This is Part 3 of a series, Cultivating a Hunger For God's Word. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

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