August 13, 2012

Grace to find a Quiet Time / (FREE download included here)

If you're a Christian mom with young children, you've probably had the conversation with somebody about trying to find time to "do your devotions." And if "doing devotions" doesn't sound like a duty in and of itself, you might have "felt" that it actually was a duty and something that either defined you as a good, or not-so-good, Christian girl.

My only quiet is when everybody is sound asleep, which is also when I should be sound asleep.

I had to laugh out-loud when I read this excerpt from Emily P. Freeman's book Grace For the Good Girl.

He (God) does not think as we do. He does not see our relationship measured by ticking clocks, marked with a time to start and stop. I long to have morning times of uninterrupted quiet. From alarm clock chime to the bottom of my first hot cup, I want quiet and stillness and Jesus. But when I don't get that, I am amazed at how quickly I shift from a woman of good and holy intentions to crazy monster mommy who just wants a few minutes alone to pray. Is that too much to ask? Is it? And then I cuss on the inside. And stomp off to make their lunches. And miss the point entirely. [p. 119 Grace for the Good Girl]

I have come to understand that my heart's desire of wanting that time with God and seeking Him throughout my day is the important part. Putting on praise songs as background music while I play with the children, having an audio Bible on my MP3 player while I walk around outside, praying all throughout my day are ways I can commune with God as a busy mommy.

I am not devaluing quiet moments, sitting, reading and listening to God, because you must feast on the Word of God somehow, but I want to encourage you that there is grace for this season of your life. God is not measured by time. He is not checking off days you miss or don't. He knows you, your needs, your season. Don't stress that you didn't "do devotions" today. Quite frankly, I would be offended if my friend was stressing because she thought she had to "check-in" with me every day. God doesn't work like that.
He's with us every moment of every day.

If you're struggling with reading the Word, perhaps try one or all of these:
  • Keep your Bible open in a "high traffic" area, so you can easily glance at a highlighted section throughout your day.
  • Write out verses and tape them onto your mirror or nearby your kitchen sink. Somewhere you will see them often and be reminded to meditate on.
  • Download my FREE desktop wallpaper below to your own computer's desktop and be reminded of Scripture each time you log on.
  • Buy music CD's that are strictly Scripture set to music. Seeds Family Worship is an excellent one.
  • Download a FREE Bible app for your smart-phone. My two favorites are MySword, or YouVersion, now use it! 

If you wish to download this beautiful picture taken in, Mission BC Canada, click on the image to view full-size and then right-click and choose "save image as".

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  1. Visiting from Playdates with God - you are so right with these encouraging words for young moms! Our heart is what is of most importance - and He sees our heart. Whether we have lengthy times of quiet with Him, or short moments on the go - it is our heart that we need to guard, and that is a treasure to Him.

  2. I loved that excerpt when I read the book!!! still applies to us women when we don't have little ones around us any longer. Blessings!

  3. Oh, wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!! I must read this book. I so need to remember His grace at all times in every aspect of my life and this was a wonderful sweet reminder that He is not a God of checklists!!! I am visiting to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog last week. I have been a lil busy around here getting ready for school and was just now able to stop by. I will definately be back. Blessings!