January 7, 2013

Reading & Habits

Traditionally, I don't prefer making very specific resolutions for the new year. However, I have mentioned that there were some changes I knew I wanted to make. One change is about making the most of my children's quiet times. Every day, everybody in my house has time alone. The ones who still require naps, do so, and the older ones have quiet separate play time, or reading time. As a homeschooling family, I find this does wonders for everybody's attitudes. Since we are with each other most days all day long, having time alone isn't automatic. So intentionally, we all "go to our own corners" for much of the afternoon. We have done this since my first baby grew out of her naps at the ripe age of 2! So everyone is very used to the routine.

This year, I hope to maximize this quiet afternoon time with a few things for myself:

  • Reading
  • Practicing the piano
  • Physical Exercise
  • Listening to a Christian podcast
  • Sleeping

You may be wondering how in the world I will do all of these things every day. How long is this quiet time? First of all, I don't plan to do everything each day. However, I hope to do a couple of them. I thought I would share a list of books I may find myself in, or hope to finish, over the next 12 months.

How did I come up with this book list? First I looked over the books I already own and haven't yet read, or perhaps read, but not for a very long time. I tried to pick a mixture of Christian living books, novels, classics, and history. I also like to mix "light" reading with a heavier theological read. I am using this list as a guideline, and will likely change and tweak it over time. Afterall, my moods or needs will likely change over the course of 12 months.

Instructing a Child's Heart - Tedd & Margy Tripp - I've had this book on my shelf for a while but haven't completely read through it yet. A how-to book offering answers for providing our children with consistent, persuasive, biblical framework for understanding the world God has made. Helping children think with a biblical worldview.

Emma - Jane Austin - I really enjoyed reading Pride & Prejudice in grade 12 and want to read more of this classic writer.

The Power of a Praying Woman - Stormie Omartian- I have also had this book on my shelf for awhile. I felt it is time to read this, as a way to spur on my prayer and communion time with the Lord.
Created to be His Help Meet - Debi Pearl - This will be a re-read. I have owned this book for years and keep coming back to it for inspiration and personal reprimands to continue walking in obedience, knowing that's where I will receive God's promised blessings as a wife.
Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream - David Platt - Authentically living the Christian life. What should our lifestyle really look like as we follow Jesus in this day?

Future Grace - John Piper - I have been reading this book for months. Because it's full of rich theology, I am digesting it slowly and hope to finish it in 2013.

Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility - Charles Swindoll - A Bible study on Elijah the prophet.

Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times - Ruth Beechick - Drawing on linguistics, archeology, astronomy, the Bible, and other history, Beechick writes an enlightening and entertaining history of Adam and his offspring.

The Pursuit of Holiness - Jerry Bridges - A gift from my mom years ago. I've never sat down and read it! So I found it afresh on my shelf in Madagascar.

Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus - Elyse Fitzpatrick - I am currently reading this. So far a challenging, yet good read. I think I steeped myself early on in parenting ideas with a different philosophy, not so grace-based, so this is challenging my thinking and pointing me to other helpful truths in God's Word.

Honor Redeemed - Loree Lough - A novel. I haven't read anything by this author. This was a free ebook on Christianbooks.com. The story line sounded intriguing, involving a reporter, a search and rescue leader, and an airplane crash.

Touching the Clouds - Bonnie Leon - A novel. I read To Love Anew by Leon and enjoyed it. This story is about an adventurous young woman with a pioneering spirit. She pilots a mail-delivery plane in the forbidding Alaskan wilderness. A lone woman in a male profession. A love story.
The Help - Katharyn Stockett -  A novel. Just out of personal interest, I want to read this book about three women in America: a black maid, her best friend also a house-help, and a young caucasian woman. All three of these women are determined to start a movement of their own, changing the town and the way women view one another.

The Lions of Little Rock - Kristin Levine - A novel. Two girls separated by race form an unbreakable bond during the tumultuous integration of Little Rock school in 1958. After I read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, I find myself interested in stories of colliding cultures and how people are able to overcome natural barriers.

Gods and Kings - Lynn Austin - A novel. I have enjoyed Austin's writings in the past. This novel is a fictional depiction of King Hezekiah and the day in which he lived.

Paper Roses - Amanda Cabot - A novel. I am currently reading this one. About a young lady battling unforgiveness. A semi-predictable love story set in Texas. I appreciate the Christian values and morals that the author isn't afraid to write about. And how she demonstrates the difference Christ makes in one's life.

Candle in the Darkness - Lynn Austin - A novel. Another story about slavery in the USA, but this time involving a culture who believes slavery is God ordained and biblically accepted.

Still Life in Shadows - Alice J. Wisler - A novel. A story about a man who left the Amish lifestyle as a young teenager and now helps others make the transition. But now is faced with a situation which brings him back to face his town and lifestyle he once left.

I would love to hear about some of your favorites from 2012, or all time, and some you hope to read through this year. Also, how do you come up with your own personal reading list?


  1. Karina, i have The Help in paper-book, and a whack of Jane Austen in lendable e-book version if you'd like to borrow. I loved both The Help and all of Jane Austen's books i've ever read!
    I come up with my personal reading list from others' recommendations and whatever i can get my hands on for free. :-)

    1. Great, I would love to borrow The Help when I'm ready for it. I like reading on my e-reader, but there's something about paper pages that I begin to miss sometimes :)