August 13, 2017

As we sit in the ferry line-up waiting to board our second to last sailing before we leave Canada, I’m keenly aware of the calm ocean breeze and the natural quiet of travellers in the early day. The sun peeks behind a thin layer of cloud, and I’m thankful for this warm mid-August morning.

View from the ferry terminal
“There is no such thing as impossible,” by Building 429, plays from my husband’s speaker connected to his phone where he keeps his favourite music. I ponder this truth.

The gospel assures me that there’s no such thing as the impossible. Even when things are looking un-repairable, God redeems, God heals. When Adam and Eve made their first mistake, not trusting God’s best for them and making their own plan, He was already orchestrating the way of redemption. His plan to restore and heal. God's grace is for us, and we all need it desperately.

In my limited perspective, it can feel like all is being lost, time has run out. But fortunately in God’s sovereign view, nothing is impossible. Nothing is too big for His grace to cover. The bleakest of circumstances can be redeemed with Him. What He has done for us, forgiving lifetimes of sin by the sacrifice of Christ, and welcoming us into His family under the covering of Jesus, means we can live with the hope of the best yet to come.

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