June 16, 2017

The Journey Continues

This week was another great reminder that I'm on a journey. I had a lovely opportunity to share at a ladies' retreat this past weekend, just for an hour in the morning. First of all, I hadn't been expecting to have the chance to hear the main speaker (a long-time missionary) give her session.

She spoke on us as believers being stretched, ready to go, and obey. At the end of her session she left the ladies with a challenging question,

"How deep are you willing to go with God?" 

In other words, when He calls me out to do something or go somewhere or walk through something, am I willing? There are still little pockets of hesitancy to trust in His big plan. This question struck me fresh because I had kind of pridefully found myself resting in this thought that I had already decided to go "deep with God" when we decided to leave everything that was familiar to us and go on the mission field. I'm discovering this is only the beginning of the journey, and God still asks me the question "Are you going to let me lead you?"

Secondly, when it was lunchtime at the retreat, one woman at our table in particular was listening to me chat with the speaker who was farther along in mothering and on the mission field than me. And I expressed my uncertainties about our future timeline: How long do we expect to live overseas? Where should the kids be teenagers? This lady, listening, expressed how encouraged she was to see people she saw on the outside as being "mature in their faith" or "had it all together" still wrestling with surrendering their future plans to the Lord.

We are all still on a journey figuring things out.

We need to encourage each other more and more in the fact that the only thing certain in our future (as believers) is our life with the Father in Heaven. Why can't we rest in this? And none of us have "arrived," or have everything figured out. We shouldn't put anyone up on a spiritual pedestal. God has us on a journey to heaven. We will "arrive" on the day we enter those gates into eternal glory.

We sing this song at our church in Madagascar and it came to mind as I was thinking over the verses in Ezekiel 47 that the speaker shared with us this morning. How deep will we go?

Whenever we sing this song, I feel haunted somehow, challenged, and realize how much more I need to place my trust in Him.

Not to shift my hope onto anything else.

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