June 24, 2017

My oldest son trying his best at road hockey while my youngest brother tends the net

My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this past weekend.

While my mom and dad watched our kiddos, we went out for an overnight together. Besides being Father's Day weekend and really busy at every restaurant we tried, we landed up at a nice place eating great food. We got a bit of shopping done, sans enfants, the next day.

Our wedding wasn't that long ago when I compare with my grandparents who will celebrate their 62 years this weekend. However, it still feels like we've lived a whole pile of special and unforgettable moments in our short life already. And in many ways, living in Canada, renovating our first house, and having four babies, seems like another life ago itself. Everybody says it goes by so fast. I feel like we've jumped on the fast-track of life now. The kids are growing up so quickly. If the last 13 years went by this quickly, I can only imagine how the next will past. Yikes....

Thinking about how quickly time passes makes me want to make the most of the moments we have all the more. Being content, and resting in God's plan for our life today, as it is right now. A common question we've been asked over the past several weeks is, "How long are you going to be in Madagascar?" This question is difficult to answer. There is a determined amount of time, sort of. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about this. Would it be advantageous for our children to have their teenage years in Canada? or some of them? Are we called to live our entire lives on the field and say good-bye one by one to our children as they fly the nest overseas or wherever God takes them? Does God want us to serve in another place one day? If so, when? I can't answer any of these questions right now. So when the question comes up, I remind myself as I relay to the individual that this is a matter we keep putting back into God's hands. We don't know our futures. But for now, we are living each day as they come.

 Downtown Vancouver on Granville Island looking down False Creek

 We road the Aquabus from Granville Island back over toward Science World

On the Aquabus looking toward Science World. Vancouver is so beautiful in the summer!

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