May 26, 2017

Magical Summer Weather of Western Canada

I have missed these while living in Madagascar ....  Lilacs!
They smell incredible, and they are truly beautiful.

So you'd think we would be tired of warm weather, and bright blue skies, living on a tropical island where this is what we have about 340 days of the year... but no, actually, we're not.  :)

Warm weather in western BC is just as magical as I remember it being. Everybody is in high spirits after experiencing one of the longest, grayest, coldest winters and springs they can remember. The BBQs have been fired up, deck furniture has been placed outside, and the windows and doors are open everywhere! The long sunny days of summer, where children are put to bed amidst din of lawn mowers in the evening heat have arrived.

Living in a climate where this is my everyday has made sunny weather pretty normal and nothing to get overly excited about. My appreciation for sun after a dreary gray season has definitely diminished... I musn't take it for granted! However, there is something magical in the air when it comes to warm temperatures on Vancouver Island the Lower Mainland of BC. The air is so fresh, the smell of spring is lifegiving. I truly can't get enough of it. For anybody who has stepped foot in Africa, or any third world country, you can appreciate a good dose of fresh spring air. It might be warm and sunny most days where we live, but often in the air hangs the smell of charcoal, burning trash, and farm animals.

While I'm here, I'll just continue enjoying this good old west coast air!

Oh fresh strawberries.. each the size of a small apple, how you have been missed.  

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