May 5, 2017

Almost Ready

Digital Clutter ...... 
This week we have been shopping, cleaning, organizing, repairing, making checklists.... it's actually great to clean out closets and put away things that have been left for the past 20 months! Rob has been working painstakingly at cleaning off old hard-drives, trying to find out if we have back ups of important stuff. 

This digital age we live in might take up less space physically, but boy can we collect a bunch of junk, and COPIES of the same junk without realizing it. I wonder how other people manage all of the digital documents and photos and videos and downloaded files one can accumulate over the months and years. I made a quick Google search on digital clutter and I was suprised (yet not so surprised) to find full blog posts and websites dedicated to how to manage the digital clutter in your life.  hahaha.

My daughter got a digital camera for her birthday, and she is super excited! Thinking about managing all of her photos on our computer is putting me into a bit of a silly panic. And no, she doesn't need her own laptop at this point in time.

We are feeling almost ready to make this long trip back to Canada. Our minds are getting in the mode to be in an airplane for those transcontinental, transatlantic, and then second transcontinental flights.... I'm feeling panicky thinking about the long trip actually. It's so long! Ah.

We've been seeing friends, saying goodbyes to those who are leaving Madagascar permanently, and finding goodies for people in Canada. Emails are flying back and forth as we continue to plan dates for our summer.

A little ongoing knitting project I have at the moment.

It will be a touque, and it's kind of a unique project since I'm working on a circular needle and then double pointed needles to finish it off.

This, I haven't really done before!

Rob gathered up headphones and fixed ones that were broken..
I will shop one last time on Monday or Tuesday for items we need for our carry ons and then,
I think we're almost ready!

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  1. YAY! You look ready! We're almost ready too!