March 10, 2017

Cyclones, Being Indoors & a bit on Our History Studies


In Madagascar during January through March, we usually experience a few cyclones. We live on the high plateau in the center of the island, so we aren't usually too affected by these storms. But we hear about the devastating events on the coastline, and our mission flies different relief organizations to bring aid into damaged areas. Cyclone Enawo is the first cyclone of the season, and this week we were watching its approach to the east coast of Madagascar. On the high plateau, cyclones bring lots of cloud, higher winds, and more rain. Now that we are accustomed to endless blue skies and lots of sun, this cloud-cover brings along with it nostalgia of living in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. Gray and gloomy days are nothing out of the ordinary there!

Being cooped up inside while living on a tropical island feels just wrong. When we are so used to making outside our second living space, after a mere day of having doors and windows shut, it begins to feel rather 'cabin-feverish.' How did we manage 9 months of this in our previous life?


Over the years I have appreciated how Sonlight covers history and social studies. They cycle through world history and american history. Starting Kindergarten through Grade 2 they sweep through world history and cultures, and then in Grades 3 and 4 focus on American History, and then return to study the history of the Eastern Hemisphere in Grades 5 through 7. Through high school you can choose to focus more on American History or dive into church history or more world history. Even though we are Canadian, I enjoy many of the american topics we've studied over the years.

Currently I'm working through world history and cultures with my younger three kids.

We are using "Core A", typically to be used in Kindergarten. I chose this because of my youngest child, and I thought we could embellish the already rich curriculum to make it a bit more challenging for my 2nd and 3rd Grader. They are doing timeline work, and notebooking pages, answering questions in written form from the study guides included in the Instructor's Guide from Sonlight.

In these early years the read alouds usually don't correlate with the period in history we're studying, but starting at Grades 3, the readers and read alouds definitely add to the topics. I also love this aspect of our history program. It feels very cohesive and rich.

Ongoing Projects

I unofficially began working on my pre-furlough To-Do list by cleaning out my sewing desk, and reorganizing yarn, fabrics, and other crafty things in my closets.

As well, last weekend I took the girls with me to find fabric to recover our sectional upstairs. The faux leather has seen better days, for sure, so I sewed new pillows for it, and I will hire somebody else to help sew covers for the seats and the armrest.

While reorganizing my fabric closet, I found leftover sheer material for some curtains I had sewn over 5 years ago, so I quickly made some sheers for the upstairs school room as well. It definitely feels brighter up there now!

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