May 30, 2014

Go to The Source

It has been nearly a month since a post, and not on purpose, but sort of. For no real reason except lack of inspiration have I neglected writing much of anything. When this happens, you may see recipes or kitchen tips pop up instead!  J

But I have been thinking about the endless resources available to us… whether it be blogs online, online radio, in our local Christian book store, on the (real) radio, even local church programs we may have access to. There is an abundance. Thus my silence on this blog. I don't want to be another distraction--offering a self help tip or whatever. Do we really have to try and feed ourselves anymore? I’m talking about Word-feeding; getting 'spiritual' input into our lives daily. It kind of seems like we don’t have to put too much effort in. There’s so much ready for us to access at a whim--endless blogs on endless topics ready for us to spend our time reading on our laptops, desktops, our mobile phones, our tablets, even our e-readers! 

On the surface it seems pretty easy. Like… it just comes to us and there can be an ongoing supply of spiritual food and encouragement streaming (literally) into our homes. But, I’m getting the impression that it actually isn’t adequate and many moms are really starving for real truth, for real interaction with friends, for truth. Our schedules can look so frantic, at any given season of life—we’re trying to fit it all in. From spending quality time with our kids, to quality time with our husband, and time with the Lord, and fitness, and cooking nutritious meals for our families, and then making sure our kids have an abundant access to great extra-curriculars outside of the home. Phew.. that list makes me exhausted. When a problem arises, it’s easy run to a self-help book or tap into a sermon or blog. When something just isn’t working right in our homes we wonder if a professional answer could be found somewhere in a book we haven’t read yet. Did we do something wrong? Is there another method? A different system? (I love systems.)

What did the Christian moms, wives… women do generations before us? Before this stream of endless information.

They had the Bible.

They knew their Bibles because that’s what they had. They had to depend on it alone.

And are we going to the Source (God, and His Word) first? Or do we jump online or on the phone or into a book looking for our answers?

Do not get the wrong idea here. I'm not suggesting we abandon all books, available teaching, seminars, or friends' advice. But a balance must be found. And hopefully it will slope more towards going to the ultimate source of Truth.

Let's dive into God’s Word for comfort, correction, direction, and wisdom?

PS) This is completely a mini-sermon to myself on the topic… because really, honestly, I do like hearing others’ takes on issues and challenges, and find myself—more often than not—seeking advice from “them” or “they” before Him or He.

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