April 28, 2014

How To Have A More Successful Monday

Too many Mondays have gone by with mommy being terribly disappointed and frustrated with how slothful everyone seems to be, and how un-organized (ah! Me? Unorganized?!) the week's school work seems to be laid out and ready.

Mondays are just tough. Why?

If you are a family who takes your children to school, and your schedule is laid out for you, you may not have much choice in how you adjust things to make your Mondays run a bit more smoothly. (Or maybe you do! Chime in on the comments if you've figured it out for your public/private school-going family.) But for those of us who are homeschooled, well.... us mothers have total control over our home schedules, barring any crisis or other unforeseen event that happens with the kids or others needing our help.

1. Rather than viewing Monday as the beginning of another week of trying to motivate the kids to excellence in their attitudes and school work, pray and ask God to help us enjoy the start of a new week. A fresh start, an opportunity to forget the challenges and frustrations from the previous week.

2. Lower my expectations! This doesn't mean lowering my expectations for obedience or correct attitudes, but expecting things to take a little bit longer today. And that's OK!

3. Pray.

4. Plan for a less busy day. Don't try and fit everything in on Monday. Avoid grocery shopping, avoid unnecessary errands. Avoid cramming stuff in, rather ease into a new week.

5. Read out loud more together.

6. Pray.

7. Plan a crock pot meal for supper. (Key word here is, PLAN)

8. Exercise, or do some physical fitness. Get the blood moving and the heart pumping--always a great energy booster for a slothful day.

9. Pray some more.

10. Reflect on reasons we stay at home together, and be so thankful. Recognize these days are fleeting, the kids are growing up so fast.

Does your family struggle with getting moving on Mondays? I'd love to hear some tips on what has worked for you!


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