October 22, 2013


We have taken time to adjust back. After three weeks in Madagascar, by God's grace, things are working like clock-work around here. Well, as much as things can work like clock-work in a developing country with very little convenience or predictability.... not to mention with 4 children 7 years old and under.

Our homeschool is ticking away - I'm so thankful for pre-planned schedules that our curriculum offers. I spend more time teaching, and less time preparing. Things are being tweaked every day, but we are getting closer and closer to a smooth way of doing things. Course, I know as soon as we get closer, something will change to cause us to readjust.

I don't say this negatively however, or as a defeatist.

I say this wanting God to have His way. In my life, He has had a gentle way of reminding me that He is in control.

Not me.

I'm reminded.... then I forget... then He reminds me...

Committing each day for His purpose and His glory is where I have to start. No matter how well our household runs, or smoothly our homeschool goes, I'm so far from in control of it all. Part of me freaks out when I realize that, but the other part breaths a sigh of relief, because the Lord knows how badly I would mess things up if I had control, the sinner that I am.

I'm so thankful that He uses me in ways to sow the seed - but that He remains the grower of that seed.

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