September 19, 2013

Have Courage

As a mother, as a wife, as a Christian woman, we are faced with opportunities to make choices or take paths contrary to what's popular in the culture around us. Whether it be family size, education choices for our children, career choices, family time, nutrition, budgets, missions trips... etc. The list goes on and on. Especially since becoming a mother, I have learned that the choices we make in our family must be made with great conviction. There will be something or someone who looks in and asks "Why?" or "Have you considered..." Making choices for your family isn't the time to judge people, or look down on how others do family, but a time to seek the Lord and ask Him, "Where do you want us? How will you use us?"

This recent article by Sally Clarkson explains more about roads less travelled---basically having the courage to carry on with the conviction of the Lord, even if you're few or alone with your family.

May it encourage you on your journey.

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