February 13, 2013

Your Light & Salvation

Where do you turn for your light and salvation?

What do you long for in those moments of darkness or loneliness, despair or anxiety?

Who are you waiting around for to rescue you?

Photo Credit to my little bro
As I read through Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson's book Desperate, I came to the chapter on depression. This is something so many woman silently suffer from. So many moms lie in their beds at night thinking over how tough the day was..... again. So many of us are longing for that one special person we can completely trust and open up to and be loved and accepted by. Or maybe, the next holiday. Or perhaps even, the day when the last little one is finally enrolled in Kindergarten. Maybe you are beyond that now, and waiting for them to leave the nest?

Whatever your season, whatever your circumstance. Perhaps you do not have children, but still find yourself overwhelmed, at times even wallowing in despair. Wondering if you can do this again tomorrow.

Where are you turning?

Can I encourage you to turn to Psalm 91?

1 comment:

  1. Hello, I just loved your topic of this post. I believe that many or maybe all women suffer from this feeling. It is the one weapon that the enemy will use over and over again. And we must be girded up daily and Psalm 91 is a perfect and powerful one. I want to encourage you as a sister in Christ. Thanks for sharing the Gospel to another nation. My children are all gone, and I still struggle in moments of what the heck am I suppose to do now.
    I even blog to fill the need to love and encourage others. We need one another!
    Blessings and I am praying for you this morning!
    In Christ, Roxy