December 5, 2012

My Journey to Overseas Missions

I never aspired to becoming a cross-cultural missionary. In fact, I was terrified of the idea whenever I was exposed to things like Missionary visits to our church, alter calls for giving over your life's plans fully to God, or Missions Fests where the theme was focused on how you could serve overseas or cross-culturally. No, I was the girl who became too homesick to attend summer camp, or even spend a night at a friend's house. God wouldn't call me to move to another country, if I couldn't bear to even be away from my family for a night! Would He?

The desire for overseas missions isn't something that suddenly came into my heart either. I wanted to be a wife, a mother. For some reason or another, I associated missions with singleness. I have no idea why. But anyways - a baby step: after graduating from a program at a local college I decided to do my practicum in another city, away from my family?! Shortly after moving away... and I mean shortly, within a week in fact, I met the man I would marry. Eleven months later, we were married. Missions was still not on either of our minds. We wanted to start our family and begin our lives together.

Our application photo to MAF in 2009 (sorry baby wasn't looking forward.)

After our second child was born, 4 years into our marriage, my husband sensed God leading him in a different direction as far as work was concerned. I suddenly felt myself panic a bit because he spoke of possibly moving somewhere. I was so settled in our home that we were renovating. My church family was like my own family. I had extremely close relationships I couldn't imagine separating myself from them. It didn't take long however for God to start working in my heart, and we discovered a need overseas for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (my husband's line of work). Move overseas? Become Missionaries? My entire life had been spent in Canada, with very little travel. I had always been too scared to even venture out on a short-term missions trip - fears of homesickness or physical illness stopping me, for the most part. As we prayed about it, and began the application process, God began opening doors and sending us confirmations along the way. As well, my heart softened toward this idea of moving and becoming a cross-cultural missionary. In fact, God kindled not only a willingness in my heart, but a desire to go. God's grace. He turned what I thought wasn't possibly for me, into my reality---a blessing too.

After having our fourth baby we began our language training, as Madagascar is a French speaking country, and then when he was 7 months old, moved to Madagascar. In all, we spent 2 and half years praying and preparing for this huge move.

MAF Headquarters in Nampa, ID, USA

Despite the challenges of living in a foreign culture, and 3rd world country, God is blessing our family by giving us eye-opening experiences stretching our worldview. We feel so privileged to serve here: an extension of our local church in Canada.

So what about you? Has God been kindling a desire for something for Him that you never imagined you would ever desire yourself?! Watch out, He is powerful, and He can do amazing things in your life.


  1. I ask myself that question all the time: "How did I get HERE??!!" :) Lovely to hear your journey.

  2. I'm glad you wrote this. I enjoyed watching your journey as someone who knew you when you couldn't stay the night at a friend's house. xoxo

    1. Ah Amanda, and I'm glad you had the grace to continue being my friend :)