October 31, 2012

Starting the Day Right

Starting the day right means rising before my kids.

Setting the tone for the day, and being energized to get meals prepared and school going means getting up and getting ready as if I were going to work. Because that's where I'm going! It just happens to be downstairs in the main living area of my house.

Even when I was nursing, I spent those first few waking moments, cuddling the baby and sipping coffee, reading my Bible or listening to a Bible study on my MP3 player. Just a few moments to gather my thoughts, pray, and rev up for the day.

Things run so much smoother when Mommy is dressed and ready to greet everybody else. Even better if something is ready for the kiddos to eat as soon as they emerge!

So how much earlier do I get up? Not terribly early. My children like to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00, so I choose to set my alarm for 5:50 which gives me at least 40 minutes to have a quiet coffee, read, pray, get dressed, hair done (most mornings) and some breakfast prepped.

I will admit, there's something about that first cup of coffee (I love coffee) in the morning that's a huge motivator to get me moving. Usually I have the coffee pot ready to go, and during some seasons of mommy-hood I would have the pot in our bedroom, (more to keep things quieter in the mornings so the others wouldn't wake up) so I could sip in bed while reading and nursing the baby. The biggest challenge in my morning routine is not allowing social media to steal this precious time! I try and save the majority of my online time for another part of the day... but usually a quick e-mail and facebook check happens right after Bible study.

FlyLady has a motto about "getting dressed to shoes". She will vouch and say that when you wear your shoes you are automatically set in a higher gear to be more productive. For me, being dressed, hair done and make-up does this. Now I know I'm ready to go, literally!

Morning hair-dos

Tips to Get Up and Get Moving:
  • Have your morning drink of choice ready to go
  • When your alarm goes off DO NOT press snooze
  • Lay your clothes out the night before
  • Be waiting to greet your kids with hugs and smiles
  • Be joyful, because you know the Lord is waiting to meet with you
  • Don't even log into Facebook if you know it's a temptation to hold you up and keep you there longer than time should allow
  • Just Resolve to Rise Early
If you're not used to rising early, or before your kids, just know that it takes time, and probably won't be easy for a while. But don't give up! I've never met or spoken with another mother who regrets being awake and ready to greet her family and take on the day.


  1. Hahahaha! LOVE J's expression. Kiss her for me!!

  2. Yeah, it's pretty golden :) Miss you!

  3. What a great post - I agree that rising early/before kids can be a huge help with setting the tone for the day. You are blessed to have good sleepers that allow this - I'm still learning to set a schedule for my family as my little ones are waking up before 5:30 most days... I know there is grace in this season and am learning to find my balance. Thank you for sharing yours.