October 17, 2012

Listening, A Ministry

Much time has been spent talking about, writing books on, attending seminars... developing ways in which we can minister to one another.
  • Hospitality
  • Teaching
  • Praying
  • Music Ministry
  • Serving (in many different capacities)
  • Giving Money
Have you considered the importance of sharpening your listening ear ministry? Have you had the wonderful experience of being able to express a struggle, or challenge, or joy to another older woman who has a heart to really listen to you? She doesn't jump in with her two bits. She doesn't squelch your own experience with hers. She doesn't act surprised that you learned what you did, as if it was so obvious. Because, why hadn't you learned that yet?

Finding this woman is hard. We like to talk, share our own experiences, offer advice--sometimes unsolicited. Becoming this woman, one who really listens, could be equally as difficult.

More later.....


  1. oooh so true. I wholeheartedly agree!!!

    the people in my life that have influenced me the most were not ones involved in formal ministries, but those that were there for me, listened and helped in my everyday life.

    Not saying that formal ministry is wrong, it is definitely needed, but I think the every day ministries of listening etc. like you mention here are often overlooked.

  2. I pray that I will learn to be a woman who truly "listens". Thanks for this post (and for commenting on my blog via goodmorninggirls linkup).

  3. I know I've grown in this virtue! When I was younger, I was a pastoral leader of a little group of women in our Covenant Community and I learned that the single women did not want to share with me because I was so judgmental!!! I'm doing better now, thank goodness, as a pastoral leader of married women. They are EAGER to talk with me! Patsy from

  4. I do believe that being a good listener is a ministry in itself. Some people need to be listened to more than others. I don't have this need too much, since I'm more an introvert who confides in writing a journal and praying, but my husband needs to be listened, a lot. And some of my other friends also.
    I didn't know about this, until some people told me that "YOu're a very restful person." Then I know that yes, I cannot preach and go ministering people, I don't do a lot of volunteering work, I can't teach, but I can listen and glorify God in the process!

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