October 8, 2012

Leaving a Legacy

Oma made the enormous trek to Madagascar from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It has been a memorable time, a visit we will keep tucked away in our hearts for years as we anticipate another visit one day.

My mother-in-law is a woman I hold in high esteem, and regard her as I do my own mother in many ways. I count this as a blessing of grace in my life, because I know most women I talk to do not have such a relationship with their "in-law." It is truly a ministry of grace on her part. When we lived in Canada, we were practically neighbors. It was a mere 2 minute drive to her home and we spent a lot of time together with the children. During a major home reno, we lived at her house for a summer. And then again the following year, while we prepared to move overseas, we lived in her home for a month! There were many moments, as Rob (my husband) and I fumbled through marriage and parenting, with her close observation. She could have easily spoken out, offered advice. But she chose those times carefully and with utmost discernment. I'm sure as she watched us go through the preparation stage of moving away... she would have felt tempted to ask us to stay. But her trust in the Lord gave her the strength to send us off with blessings and excitement for the adventures that would be waiting for us. Yes, many tears were shed all around... distance is difficult. But joy abounds, as God has graced us with peace to live on separate continents.

These moments we have shared with her in our home in Madagascar has been more than special. And she hasn't wasted any of it. Even when my daughter has watched Oma pick up her crochet and begged to learn how to do it as well, Oma has easily put hers aside to teach Faith on her own small hook.

To me--to us, she is leaving a legacy of grace.

Oma enjoying the Lemurs


  1. absolutely perfect. she is a great person!

  2. loved reading your tribute to your MIL...what a treasure :) Linked up behind you at Playdates w/ God...nice to meet you :)

  3. What a gift to have such regard for your MIL. Such a blessing.