August 6, 2012

Sunday Morning Grace

Some Sunday mornings at our house:

Mommy: The girls' hair haven't been fixed yet.
Daddy: What clothes are the kids wearing to church?
Mommy: Tidy up the toys
Daddy: Hurry up and eat your breakfast
Faith (6): Mommy, Calvin spat up all over his church-clothes.
Joyanne (2): I need to go pee NOW
Mommy: Get your shoes on. What? You can only find one?
Mommy to Daddy: What? You still need to shower?
Wesley (3): Randomly hits his sister...sister starts crying.

I'm learning that barking out random orders usually isn't effective in getting the jobs done in a time-crunch, e.i. getting ready for church.

However, in certain moments, it feels effective...As a mom of four kiddos, all 6 years old and under, I find myself switching into panic mode all too often. In my house, in this season of motherhood, it's not uncommon for there to be at least 2 people needing me at any given time. If you're anything like me, when one kid is crying and the other is asking for a drink, and another is hollering to pee... it's at these times, my head can start to spin and it's difficult for me to think straight nevermind to speak with grace and kindness. It's at these moments I need grace. Admit I "lost it" in the heat of the moment, apologize, and depend on God's grace to empower me the next time I feel my head begin to spin.

I want to get to know you and share the gracejourney together. The ups and downs. To journal about God's never-ending grace, and to look back on the graceroad traveled ... ultimately giving back glory to God.

By the way, we usually do make it to church on time still loving each other.

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  1. Sounds familiar.
    You're kids are so cute.

  2. You mean this happens in other families' homes? ;) Welcome!