January 19, 2015

Refocusing My Mind

Recently on Revive Our Hearts (one of my most favorite ministries), Nancy Leigh DeMoss has been highlighting, and not for the first time, the importance of Bible Memory.

This also has been a major priority for me and my children over the years. I grew up in Awana, joined Bible Quizzing as a teenager, and have always grown up thinking and realizing how important Bible memorization really is. Currently, I have my kids memorizing using Awana books of their own.

These three radio episodes aired on January 5th-7th, and they spoke so much motivation into my heart, fresh for a new year.

I hope you will take time to listen to these three episodes. Janet Pope (author and guest on the radio show) shares, so humbly, why and how she has memorized Scripture over the years.

It really hit home for me as she goes on to explain that her desire to memorize verses is not motivated by a sense of accomplishment or just another goal to achieve. For her it's not about just memorizing the Bible. She is motivated to memorize because she is forced to trade her thoughts for God's. She admits to being self-absorbed (as all of us humans are) and memorizing or meditating on God's Word replaces her selfish thoughts for His thoughts.

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