January 14, 2015

Just For Fun - Backyard Science

Living where we do, it is super easy to get outside and explore plants and animals/insects around us. Every now and again my husband will find a chameleon, in the yard, or at his workplace, and bring it home to show the children. We will keep it around and observe it eating, climbing, sleeping, and pooping.  :) Recently, one of our chameleons shed its skin! It was fascinating to watch, and took much longer than I imagined it would. The process took a few days.

The other interesting bug we were able to observe, actually kind of terrifying for me, who is petrified of cockroaches and other creepy crawlies, is called a Giant Water Bug, or Toe-Biter--this bug was truly huge!

Yes, that's my toe in the photo. Appropriate?  :) This bug was at least 3 inches long. It was really yucky. Our cats were even scared of its enormously intimidating pinchers!

So there we have it. Just for fun, a little peak into some of our spontaneous science observations we have the opportunity to experience, living in Madagascar.

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