January 12, 2015

Juggling the Homeschool

Just a quick update to share what we are doing in our homeschool, or rather, how we are doing our homeschool presently.  I say presently, because it seems there's no end of tweaking, changing, re-working, dumping, implementing... maybe you get the picture. As much as I crave and strive for consistency in my home, for me the biggest learning curve to my homeschool is my willingness and ability to be flexible. Wow, I am not!

So, presently, this is how it's working.   :)

I am schooling three of my four children, grades 3, 1 and K. My youngest is 3 and a half and begs to do school as he sees the others. He can do some little things, but I have found it a struggle to involve him when the others just really need my help.

I try not to micromanage our time schedule. Rather, I loosely schedule the school day in hour-long chunks.

8:30 Bible
9:00 Language Arts
10:00 Snack & Math
11:00 History / Science / Read-Alouds
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Quiet Time
2:00 Piano Practice and Play Time
3 or 4:00 TV / Electronics for a set amount of time

To clarify, my kindergartener doesn't take an hour to do phonics and handwriting! I give myself an hour to get everybody's language arts done. This way I am able to spend some focused time with each of the three. It also allows plenty of breaks for the wigglers. The same goes for Math. My hope is that my young students would never spend an hour in their math books. How boring. But I give myself an hour to be available to each one. If I didn't have any other children, for example, my Kindergartener would easily complete all her lessons for the day in a single hour.

We fit in other things, as our schedule differs on each day of the week. If we have friends over during school time, things have to be changed, and it's okay once in a while. We try and keep things to this basic schedule though. I try and protect things like "Quiet Time". I need it, more than my children do. As well, it's difficult for our family to be motivated to finish school in the afternoons, so it's key for us to get it done first thing.

Our curriculum is chock full of read-alouds, so we also work our way through novels in the evening when everybody is ready for bed.

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