January 6, 2014

The Balancing Act

With New Years come and gone, I felt I would join in the rest of the blogosphere and add my 2 cents (for what it's worth) about priorities, setting balance, re-arranging schedules etc.....

She sees that her trading is profitable
and her lamp does not go out at night.
Proverbs 31:18

If you're wondering how you can balance it all, or which new commitments to add or delete on/from your plate this year...consider the Proverbs 31 Woman.

She doesn't go and do things that are not worthwhile (check out this older post if you're asking yourself how to decide if something is worthwhile), or commit to things just for the sake of "staying busy". She pursues opportunities for business and others that will be "profitable." That takes smarts and good judgement. She is busy up into the evening, perhaps planning, being with her husband and family. Her daily tasks and ventures do not leave her completely worn thin. She has found for her, what she can do in her day to avoid being lazy, in fact she is making the most of every opportunity, yet she's not "burned out."

This kind of living takes wisdom and discernment that only comes from spending time with God. "I don't have time!" We might cry out. 

Spending time with God doesn't necessarily mean sitting in a quiet chair while jobs pile up around us. He is with us always! I'm so thankful we aren't living in the times of the Old Testament, where people had to trek down to the temple in order to access the Heavenly Father.

Arranging priorities and listening for God's voice first and foremost---this is spending time with Him. Talking with Him throughout our day. Hearing Him speak as we surround ourselves with His Words. 

Now, it's easy to be busy as a mom. The days can easily fill up with play dates or coffee dates, business preparations, home-making, ladies bible studies, church ministries, extra-curriculars, shopping. But if "burn-out" is impending and our energy is sapped when our family/husbands are with us in the evening, what good are all these things? And, do we really want our children's memories to be filled with a 'haggard mother' who was always tired and stretched to the maximum?

We must find a balance that the Lord is in control of. If we aren't submitting our schedule and commitments to Him, how can we expect Him to bless them?

Go to the Word.

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