March 4, 2013

Becoming a "Yes" Mom

That just feels dangerous to me. Risky.... hard.... and scary...

As a homeschooling mom it's easy to start hating the sound of my own voice before 10am, and that's just in terms of teaching academics! Now, throw in the mix 3 children 4 years old and under and it literally feels like the only words in my vocabulary are "Stop it," and "NO." I say it so much, I find that it's my default answer for everything!
"Can you print me a coloring page Mom?"
"No." (That would require me getting on my computer, finding whatever picture she wants, plugging in the printer, we have a bit of a complicated electical system with our 110V electronics on a 220V system)
"Can I have a drink of juice?"
"No." (That would require ME taking time to get juice, and then supervising the drinker so they're not wandering off spilling it somewhere)
"Is quiet time over?"
"No." (Because it really isn't.)
"Can I pick this flower?"
"No." But thanks for asking.... on second thought, "Yes, pick the flower! It's pretty isn't it? God created it for us to enjoy!"

As I write out these things my children constantly ask of me, I say to myself "Seriously, what's the big deal? Sounds like you're just lazy and don't want to help, or serve or be bothered."

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Sometimes life just works easier when you set your mind in "Yes" mode. Of course, within reason. To enjoy the look on your child`s face when you do their bidding--help with a craft, print out an activity, have them help you in the kitchen, give them that cookie, or candy, let them stay up for an extra 15 minutes, read them that extra story when they ask.

Rather than huffing and becoming frustrated when I'm heading out the door to grocery shop, and my kids are crying begging to come, being thankful that they actually want to be with me. Yes, the trip will take longer, involve some training, and tired kids and mommy at the end, but we're together.

I came across this inspiring post at Prechoolers & Peace, kind of along the same lines. I hope it brings encouragement to your mommy-soul also!

If Jesus could take time out of His busy schedule - so can we.

Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

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  1. I remind myself to say yes too and I like it!