September 19, 2012

Supporting School Choices

Being back into the swing of the school schedule can bring up all sorts of feelings--Pride or insecurity about our decision; hope for a great year and let-downs when the routine doesn't pan-out; admiration for a teacher or another mother, and perhaps disdain for a teacher our kids don't jive well with, or ugly comparisons/competition with another mom.... can we find some grace in there?

As parents, our choice of schooling methods may bring some feelings to the surface. Ugly ones might even show up. Long-time friends might turn on each other as they choose different methods for their children's education. Extended family members may verbalize some strong opinions, unintentionally flattening your hopes and courage.

Can I say one word here... grace

Ultimately, we are most interested in the well-being of our child, and our own family's health. The method of school we choose for our family is our own, nobody else's. And I'll add, the method our friends choose, is theirs, not ours. Not even ours to commentate on------to anybody.


Please take a read at The Better Mom, where Karen Ehman shares her thoughts on the diversity of school choices and how moms can take action to support each other, no matter the route they choose.

Some highlights from the article:
Offer Verbal Support
Be Interested
Pray for
Praise the mom for following her husband's desires
Show up

It's definitely worth the minutes it takes to read.

May God's grace abound more and more upon you as you continue through these early weeks of school with your children.

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