Welcome to GraceForThat.blogspot.com.  It has been my prayer during the creation of this blog that anyone who stumbles across it is simply encouraged to bask in the grace God lavishes on us, His children.
God's Word promises us that we can have hope in His grace. It is through His grace we are empowered to do those things He has divinely prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:8-10)

I don't promise to be the most regular of bloggers, but I hope to share my gracejourney with you.

As a mommy of young ones, I find myself switching into panic mode all too often. In my house, in this season of motherhood, it's not uncommon for there to be at least 2 people needing me at any given time. If you're anything like me, when one kid is crying and the other is asking for a drink, and another is hollering to pee... it's at these times, my head can start to spin and it's difficult for me to think straight never-mind to speak with grace and kindness. In fact, rather than kindness and grace, resentment and frustration are expressed---I've heard myself say: "I'm cooking dinner FOR YOU KIDS right now! So leave mommy ALONE."

It's at these moments I need to be reminded there's grace for that! The Spirit in my heart tells me to humble myself, admit I "lost it" in the heat of the moment, apologize, and depend on God's grace to empower me the next time I feel my head begin to spinI want to get to know you and share the gracejourney together. The ups and downs. To journal about God's never-ending grace, and to glance back on the graceroad traveled ... ultimately giving glory back to God, and strive ahead to receive future grace as my strength to walk in obedience.

Will you join me?

I am an overseas missionary wife living in Madagascar since January 2012. Originally from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, we moved our family literally across the globe to serve God using my husband's aviation engineering skills.

I am a mommy of 4 kiddos, 9 years old and under.

Cooking and baking, reading, digital photography, and piano are among some of my favorite things to do.