July 7, 2017

Thinking School

Getting the chance to be in Canada during the summer every other year means that I get to do a lot more research and source materials from many different places, tucking items away in our luggage ready to take back with us in the Fall.

With faster internet, it's amazing at how many sites I can browse with ease! The information flying at me about anything-homeschool is pretty much overwhelming.

Time away from my homeschool also gives me a chance to reflect, brainstorm, and think about changes I think we could make for the upcoming year. What subject needs changing for who? What do we need to do away with? Or what might we add?

This year is kind of unique for me as I'm stretching a lot of curriculum out over the next two school years. Our history/social studies will stretch us out for the next two or even three years, and three of the kids' language arts will see them through two grades.

Some of my new finds for the upcoming year:

This will be my fourth grader's language arts this year. He will take a break from Sonlight LA until next year. I was attracted to this because of the DVD-led instruction, with a male teacher even, which I think my son will enjoy.

I'm hoping that having one child on a DVD lesson will free me up for the others for that part of our day. And then I can help him on more lengthy assignments as he needs.

This program covers parts of speech, narrative writing, persuasive paragraph, and a research project at the end.

I think it will be a great change for him.

My kids will continue their French studies in the fall. And I have sourced this Christian French curriculum for that. The kids will advance in their french skills while learning about missionary families in French speaking countries. In this way they will learn geography, foods, sports, and Bible verses all pertaining to the missionary family.

I really like this program as it lays out each lesson plan to allow the teacher to cover the content for that day in a 30 minute lesson.

Perfect! I'm getting excited.  :)

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