July 30, 2017

Blessing of Family Camp

This past week was spent "holidaying" with family and friends. It was a full week of activities, relaxation, and great teaching times. The kids had a blast, and we are very thankful for the blessing of camp this summer. We've had the privilege of going to a week-long family camp as campers each furlough, and it's been so nice to connect with a variety of people of many age-groups with different backgrounds and jobs. 

Basketball in bubbles

 Rinsing off

 Afternoons spent in the beautiful lake
Quality time with cousins

Boys and laser tag

The weeks are passing quickly as we approach the final month of furlough. Last minute shopping has to be done, and then there's the task of packing tight every nook and cranny in our luggage while staying under our weight-allowance.

Many memories have been made over the past several weeks, indeed.

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