May 12, 2017

We're Here - and so is the Jet Lag

3:30am, beginning our first flight, 10.5 hours from Antananarivo to Paris

Day 1 in Canada at 5:00 pm, waiting for our second or third burst of energy
We arrived in Canada after a very long 35 hours of travel. It is so nice to be here, despite the jetlag and all the symptoms it brings along.... upset tummy, dizziness, uncontrollable nodding off.... my eleven year old has probably been the most affected by it. In previous trips, her body adjusted fairly quickly and easily... but this time the trip is taking a bit more to recover from, so she's been pretty discouraged, even letting me know she hopes not to feel this way when we go back home... I told her not to think about that right now.

With a 10-hour time difference, and basically zero sleep for 45 hours, the main order of business is trying to get our body clocks changed around. It has been super nice to have a few visitors around the house to distract us away from how tired we feel.

Spring has kind of arrived? The sun is trying to poke out now, but the temperatures are still way below what we're used to in Madagascar. There, we were already feeling the chill of the seasons turning to winter, as we saw the temperature dipping to 10 degrees celsius, we put flannel sheets on our bed along with a down duvet! Where we're at in western Canada, we're seeing lows of 5 degrees during the night, and highs during the afternoon aren't yet reaching 20. We are so thankful for central heating, a warm gas fireplace, and cozy blankets and slippers. Summer will be around the corner shortly, we hope!

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