February 24, 2017

A Few Games We Love To Play!


This week I celebrated my birthday, and my kids were way more excited about it than I was.

My oldest found me on the couch reading early that morning, and sent me back upstairs so she could bring me breakfast in bed. It was so cute and special, and I felt very spoiled by all of my kids!

The kids have used their spare time this week (due to our planned school break) to build Lego, do Playmobil, make Rainbow Loom crafts and play outside. The weather has been overcast, and rather gloomy looking for the most part, but still plenty hot enough to play in the sprinkler and jump on the trampoline. We've made a bit more time for seeing friends, and I've had a couple of coffee dates, sans enfants.


School break this week has been very relaxing, and fairly uneventful.

I spent a chunk of time making a summary of the kids' work over the past 10 weeks of school for our teacher in Canada. This was actually a wonderful time of reflecting on all of the work we've accomplished over this second term!

Our family spends a bit of time playing board games. We've collected a few great games that I would highly recommend.

Bohnanza was a bit complicated to teach our children, but even though the recommended age is 10+, our 7 year old caught onto the idea. Sure, she doesn't have the strategy completely down, but it's a fun game to play as a family.

Catan Junior is a great alternative to the original Catan. All of my children enjoyed learning this one, and I even prefer it over the original. It's a faster paced game, not very complicated, but still a great game that teaches simple transaction skills. My kindergartener enjoys playing this with me while we are helping the others get school done.

Sequence Junior
This is another "junior" version of a simple adult game we used to play. This is also a faster paced game, super easy to teach, and actually really fun!

Other popular Games around our house:
Go Fish

Our game with my kindergartener in the middle of school with the others.


This is a White Spider Lily I have in my garden that blooms at this time of year in Madagascar. I find this bloom so strange. Spindly, and sadly soggy after a good rain. It has become a lily, though, that reminds me Easter isn't far away now.

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  1. I always love reading these! I'd love to play these games with the kids here!