February 9, 2015

Sharing Memories in the Kitchen

Today we made donuts! This was a first. Mostly because I rarely deep-fry anything. Or I try to keep deep-fried foods to an absolute minimum.

I enlisted the help of my eldest, who is always willing to help me cook when I invite her. As I've mentioned before, I have troubles involving the children in the kitchen. I really like cooking/baking, and honestly, it's kind of like my alone time. So I don't often share it.

I need to more.

As we were cooking these, I shared some memories of my grandma. I remember a few times, going to her place and seeing freshly made donuts sitting on the counter, glistening with sugar. Yum. My daughter loves hearing these kinds of stories.

I'm so thankful I have wonderful memories of my grandparents (all of whom are still here, by the way) that I can share with my kids. They are looking forward to reconnecting with their great-grandparents in a few months when we visit Canada.

Recently, rather than making drop sheet cookies, I just made a huge cookie in a pan. This led to another fabulous tradition I remember as a child. My other grandmother (or nana) baking us a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie on our birthday. I remember that being so special, and really yummy too.

Thank you for the great memories Grandma and Nana. We look forward to seeing you in a few months!

My second daughter with my Grandmother in 2010

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  1. This is a wonderful post, we forget sometimes how much kids love to help (when you let them). I had a snow day the other day and work was closed (I'm in New England and we have had one Blizzard and two nasty snow storms all over the past three weeks) and decided to do some baking. I let my daughter pull up a chair and help me mix and stretch and get everything ready, until I needed to add some hot apples to our delicious dish. She is only 5 and I'm not comfortable having her handle hot stuff quite yet. She also helps me "sweep" by being in charge of the dust pan, helps me do the dishes by rinsing and putting things in the strainer, and is awesome at playing with her baby sister in the room with me while I'm cleaning. If I let her, she would wash the windows but I don't like streaks (sorry kiddo). I need to do this more, that way not only will she bond with me but she will also see all of the hard work that goes in to having a family. It's not all fun and games, but we make sure we get those in too!