January 16, 2015

God Shows Us His Power!

"I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his officials so that I may perform these miraculous signs of mine among them. That you may tell your children and grandchildren how I deal harshly with the Egyptians and how I performed my signs among them, and that you may know that I am the Lord. Ex. 10:1-2

Going through the plagues in chapters 7-10 is so confusing. "I will harden Pharaoh's heart" is spoken by the Lord over and over again. It is clear that the control Pharaoh seems to have over the Israelites is really orchestrated by God and completely in His hands. 

God always has a bigger plan.

He's looking at the situation with a zoomed out point of view. 

While we have our noses to the canvas, 
He can see the entire painting and what it looks like.

God is building a legacy of testimony for the Israelites. They will fall back on the memory of their captivity in Egypt generation after generation as they share the power of God with their children and grandchildren, just as God willed it.

God builds a testimony of His power in each of our lives as we focus on His work daily. Journaling through His Word, recording prayers, watching Him work in our friends' lives. 

 -----> This can all point us to Him and His bigger purpose: 

Displaying His glory and might among the people

What I find so amazing about this is, God doesn't actually have to do this. He is mighty, He is great, without having to prove it or show it to anybody.

But He wants us to know Him. He wants us to worship Him in awe. That is grace. He cares enough about His people, then and now, to show Himself to us in awesome ways.

Your ways, O God, are holy.
Who is great like our God? 
You are the God who works wonders;
You have made known Your might among the peoples.
Psalm 77:13-14 esv


  1. Oh I love your nose to the canvas comment! Great perspective! ~Mary, linked from WLW

  2. Love your post! I am also blogging through the Bible! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award at http://faithfilledfeathers.blogspot.com/2015/01/liebster-award-nomination.html Thanks for sharing with us!