January 7, 2015

Choosing God's Law, Over Mine

In Exodus 1, the Hebrew midwives chose to follow God's law rather than Pharaoh's, and God blessed the Israelites because of their courage and obedience. What does it look like to deny man's law and follow God's instead?

God’s law is really His heart, or nature. We could say that His heart is revealed in His law. Just so we can learn who God is, what He desires, what He loves, what is important to Him by studying His law, or His heart. We can learn the same about mankind.

What does the heart of man look like? Mankind’s law (or will, or nature, if you prefer) is really self-seeking, self-serving, and all about getting bigger or better somehow.

What happens when I choose to obey God’s law? To seek His will, to be thankful in all circumstances. (for this is God’s will for you, in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess. 5:18)

When I deny myself, whatever that looks like in any given moment, whether it be, denying myself the first place, the shortest line-up, the spare time, the last cookie, the grumbling over an inconvenience.. when I sacrifice easy attitudes that come naturally, I am obeying God’s law.

When I deny the law of man, which is really all of those negative things mentioned above; proud, envious, self-seeking, keeping record of wrongs, and instead meditate on God’s law or ways and seek to follow them, He is glorified: we commune more closely together.  This is the ultimate blessing we receive—closer, more intimate communion with God.

As I have pondered on what God’s blessings can be, it is pretty eye-opening to realize that God’s blessings are not limited to happy-go-lucky circumstances, and material things we may have always dreamed or hoped for. God’s blessings come in all different shades and colours. In fact, in our feeble eyes the "blessings" may seem more like detriments and far from the "good things" we imagined God could give. But the common factor of His blessings is that we are brought together in closer fellowship.

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