August 10, 2014

Motivator to Memorize

I am always motivated to try and find new ways to get my kids memorizing verses. One of our favorites, is to sing songs about Bible verses! My kids probably don't realize how many scriptures they actually know from memory just from learning simple songs. The best resources we have found for Bible verse songs are from:

Over the past several months we've tried to sort out an allowance system, or a way for the kids to earn money. They aren't yet at an age to really learn to manage money, but they are all eager to buy stuff and have choices of their own in that regard. We have tried giving out money for extra jobs, we have tried regular allowance... this actually just ended up giving me a headache, because every single time I would head out grocery shopping everybody wanted to spend every little bit of money they had.. and because they never saved it, candy was their only affordable option.

So......... I have now combined Bible memorization with a type of money-earning bonus. Except it's not real money.

Our AWANA days have followed us all the way to Madagascar! Unfortunately, we have no such program here. But we do regular memory work as part of our homeschool, and I wanted to add an extra motivator by giving the kids a type of record book to keep track of their verses.

By completing sections in their books they can earn "shares" which they can spend at Mommy's store on a special pre-determined day during the month. This eliminates the constant desire to spend right away every time we venture out to a store together. At my store they can buy movie vouchers, e-book vouchers, ice-cream tickets, small treats, and little toys. They anticipate "store day" and are eagerly studying their sections to earn shares.

The children also earn shares by volunteering to do normal jobs around the house. By volunteering, they are showing initiative, it also cuts down on the mommy-nag.

My 3-year old is also included. He wanted his own book, and he is earning stickers for practicing his verses with me, and he's is also rewarded with shares after "passing" sections.

There aren't many things sweeter than hearing little ones speak God's Word by heart


  1. What a proactive Mama! I think that would have been a great program when my kids were smaller. Now I have a 12 and a 13. They don't receive allowance, but do receive money from relatives as gifts, and use that money for the endless stream of little school expenses as well as their own wants. I figure that teaches them a little bit about being an adult...your money doesn't JUST go to wants.

    1. Thank you for stopping over. It sounds like you are taking age-appropriate steps to prepare your children to responsibly handle finances. I'm sure we will have to revisit this learning curve over and over as the kids grow and change.