June 23, 2014

The Dry Season - When God Seems Quiet

Sometimes seasons seem go by where each time my Bible is opened a scripture pops out at me in fresh and amazingly applicable ways. Every need is met by the perfect words of God. It’s really speaking to my soul. God’s words are raining down! His voice couldn’t be more clear in these rainy seasons: I hunger, and am filled, hunger and am filled.

And then there are seasons when silence and more silence seems to be the theme. No longer are the comforting promises of God raining. In fact, it feels more like the middle of a dry season. Those long months of watching dust fly up and around and cover everything. Every surface and crevice becoming dustier, dirtier, thirstier. The plants are waiting; the people are waiting. Waiting for that first wonderful rain! 

And it will come. It’s the cycle of the seasons.

And I start to hear Him again, and the promises are popping out, and the life-giving words of grace in His Word.

The thing is, Scripture hasn’t ceased being relevant or applicable to my life in those dry spells. Sometimes God’s spirit is quieter, forcing me to listen even more carefully. To that “still small voice.” Afterall, He promises to never leave me nor forsake me! God is a missional God. He wants us. He pursues us. He makes Himself known to every one in all creation! It’s part of His grace.

What seems like a dry season, could be the time when God is actually telling me I need to slow down, major on the majors, rather than every little thing I try and control in life, and really truly listen. His quiet season is really the time when He is drawing me in, and patiently waiting for me to listen to the “still small voice.” Rather than expecting to find Him in the big things, He is still there in the small. In each sibling squabble I must pray for wisdom to wade through; He is in each traffic jam, wanting me to slow down and live in step with the Spirit; He is in every “owie,” when I have to stop and comfort the hurting baby. He is in every little interruption, reminding me that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Lord, thank you for the dry season!

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