November 21, 2013

Yumminess - Lacto-Fermented Goodness

I have been lacto-fermenting certain foods for a while. For a long time my family has been consuming homemade yogurt, kefir.

More recently, I read in a few places online about lacto-fermented soda. I am a fan of pops (sadly--not diet however,  if that redeems me at all), and this idea of creating my own carbonated beverages that are actually good for my family intrigued me! After trying it, my children were hooked. Finally, a pop-like beverage my kids liked, that I could feel good about giving to them.

And now, since being back in Madagascar, I have delved into making these lacto-fermented condiments: ketchup


Wondering what the health benefits of lacto-fermented foods/beverages can be?
Click-here for an easy explanatory read. There are countless websites explaining how important it is for our bodies to get enough good bacteria in our digestive tracks and why. But this particular link sums it up fairly quickly. :)

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