May 2, 2013

And Now She's 7

My oldest is 7. And there are so many things about her I'm thankful for! If I had to choose a word to describe her, it would be enthusiastic. This one reminds me how exciting and beautiful and fun life is, and I'm so thankful for her pep in life. As an oldest child, her natural take-charge attitude is a blessing to me. Her creative mind thinks up ways to create something from nothing, and she can get anybody excited about it too.

Each day she is learning selflessness more and more, as she helps me, and lays down her own desires for her younger brothers and sister.

She gets on board with my creative child-training methods even though it will effect her also. ;)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. I'm looking forward to many many more!


  1. You are a great Mum Karina, your children are a blessing to you and Rob. God bless you. We miss you, but understand why you are in Madagasca, much love and a big hug......... Nana and Bampa. XXX