April 1, 2013

Jesus, Our Equipper

New light was shed on an all-too familiar passage for me last week: Jesus Feeding the 5000 (Luke 9).

The disciples recognized a need
They came to Jesus
Jesus equipped them to serve
The disciples served the people

Even though Jesus had served the crowds in countless other ways in past, He gave the disciples what they needed to be the servants this time. The food was supplied, and the disciples fed the crowds. And no doubt, this was no small feat in a crowd numbering over 5000 including all of the women and children. As easily as Jesus stretched those 5 loaves and 2 fishes, He could have provided for each person in an instant. But he let the disciples hand-deliver the food. Jesus watched and, I'm sure, smiled.

It's easy to take over for our children, to do it for them and perhaps have them miss out on valuable experiences.

We should help equip them with skills, and knowledge, so they can be the doers, the servants, the givers. And have grace in the "oopsies," or when they don't do it the way we would have ourselves. We should be well-aware of our own shortcomings and failures when Christ has given us opportunities to do. But there's grace covering it all. At the heart of the matter is----the heart, and our willingness to be the Lord's hands and feet.


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