March 21, 2013

Paying to Complain

With our oldest child approaching 7, the topic of money has started to come up more and more frequently.

She tries to think up ways to earn a bit of money. When her teeth started wiggling and falling out, she received a little money from us each time, and her concept of what things cost started to come together for her.

“How much is that toy mom?” She asked me one day at the store.
“You may have enough after you lose 6 more teeth.” I replied--and then listened to her wide-eyed gasp.

The other day I wrote on a little hand-held white board that she could have a certain amount of money on Friday, free and clear. However, I explained to her that each time she complained or argued with me she would have to pay a certain small amount from it. Whatever was left on Friday, she could have.

It has been really neat to watch her hold back words this week. And a wonderful reminder for me, also. Actually, a shocking realization as to how much I murmur and complain, even just under my breath. How do you help your kids earn money? And at what age do you begin to train them how to use it wisely?

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