March 18, 2013

Grace Upon Grace

I am counting my blessings today.

God knows me so well, and He knows that, for me, a beautiful sunny day is a wonderful pick-me-up. Growing up, I literally counted down the weeks and days until summer time. And summer was always too short. The long sunny days, skirts and flip-flops. Welcoming the fresh outdoors in through an open window. The worst thing about summer, was saying goodbye to it after a short 8 weeks. Today, is a gloriously sunshiny day. And I’ll admit, there’s no shortage of them here in Madagascar.

The flowers are blooming, and there’s beauty among the ashes of poverty and superstitions and ungodliness. God is here. He is still showering down grace while I sin. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy some afternoon quiet time in this chair, inviting the outdoors in. Even in my sin He is still reminding me He loves me, is forgiving me, and wants me to turn all of my attention upon Him. Thank you Lord!

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