March 11, 2013

Do You Trust Me?

As a girl who was born and raised in a Christian home, attending church every Sunday, going to AWANA, being homeschooled with Christian values emphasized daily, the gospel becomes very everyday to me sometimes. A lot, actually. 

So when the Spirit stirs the power of the gospel message inside my soul and shows me afresh what Christ did for me on the cross, and what He continues to do every single day for me, it's hard not to become emotional about it. This particular morning, I was blessed by that "freshness" again. And it's a gift. In the middle of my sin, He is still reaching down and giving me gifts.

As my eyes searched among the congregation in our church on Sunday morning, I spotted several people whose testimonies led me to think about other people in my life. And the Lord said "Do you trust me?" And I looked, and saw a breast-cancer survivor, hands lifted in worship, a family preparing to leave all the comforts of North America to live in a remote village accessed by airplane or canoe. I thought of people who had lost loved ones, and were more in love with God than ever before: People who have experienced deep disappointment in their lives due to tough circumstances, job-loss, difficult marriage, rebellious children, terminal illness, chronic physical pain----"Do you trust me?" The Lord asked again. 

Do I trust the Lord as he keeps my family in Madagascar?
Do I trust the Lord as each of my children grows and makes their own decision for Christ? Or not?
Do I trust the Lord to sustain our family unit? provide for us as we may suffer illness?

I know God is in control, I know He gives good gifts... but sometimes I find myself actually living as though I don't really believe that. Do you know what I mean? Like worrying myself sick about something, even though God has it under control. Getting so angry over unmet expectations, when God wants to use the circumstance for His glory and purpose. Living in discontent because I had something different in mind, when God's gifts are literally all around me already.

I want to say and really believe at a heart level, that "Yes, I can trust in you Lord and Yes I DO."


  1. Hello, How are you? It has been a busy couple of weeks. We are hoping to all our rooms painted and refreshed before my hubby retires. It is still way out there but I am 5 years older and I want to get it done so I have the strength and the energy. Feeling of spring and His power galore! So glad to have met you, and your post are precious and real!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hi Roxy, painting always makes the house feel fresh and new! I love that. Thank you for stopping by again.

  2. thank you for your post! it's as if the Lord led you to write it JUST FOR ME! :D

    I have a chronic illness and as it increasingly takes my ability to concentrate, I find Scripture study so difficult. But you are right, and I know that I can trust Him. He is not accusing me, the is total acceptance and understanding from Him.

    Maybe I can just take one verse a day as another friend is doing. Just meditate and chew on one though, instead of having such high expectations of being able to spend hours studying :) I appreciate you! <3

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Hi Christine. nice to meet you. I know and believe that God is using your physical limitations for His glory. He will give you the strength you need for each day. You may pop over to another post about Joy and what steals it! Joy Stealer But I wouldn't want to distract you away from Scripture either! Have a blessed day and keep walking in Future Grace in the Lord.