November 19, 2012

A Chance To Show Our True Colours

Last week I found myself preparing to entertain guests in our home, only to find ourselves up all during the night the evening before we were to host. Looking back, I can honestly say it was God's way of interrupting my plans and helping us show our real selves to a pastoral couple who was coming to visit. Usually we want people to see us at our best, or at least I like to try and offer people the best hospitality I know how. But God in his graciousness took the circumstances out of our control and just had us be who we really are.

Because of a sudden illness, my husband and I were up all night as he experienced severe pain. Fortunately, the doctor we chose to call came to our house, gave him pain meds through an IV and drove him for an ultrasound at 4 am! Besides feeling anxious for my husband (being driven to a foreign clinic, with a doctor who knows little English, in a third world country), I was also getting anxious about our day ahead! My kids, who slept through the entire ordeal, would be up and revved to go at 6:30 am! We were hosting our missionary team (4 couples in all) and this pastor couple for a devotional time he (the pastor) would lead in the afternoon. After that, we were having the pastor couple stay over for dinner. I had plans for a special dessert that I wanted to make that evening. Probably best I did not get to, since I had never tried it before! *smile* Despite our sleep deprivation, the afternoon was fine, and my husband was feeling normal by mid-morning. Praise God. We had a power outage for most of our dinner with this couple. By God`s grace, once again, dinner was cooked before the power went out! So we had dinner by candle light, the children watched a video on a laptop, and we sat and chatted about transition overseas, and our lives before and after our move. No fancy desserts, no fancy impressions.. Just our family, and the busyness we find ourselves in with 4 young children. I`m glad the Lord graciously caused us to show our true colours. And the couple was able to genuinely encourage us to keep on keeping on!

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