August 8, 2012

My Son Is My Biggest Fan

"Mommy, you're the coolest Lego builder." My 4-year old son tells me this as he admires a little Lego car I spent 10 minutes building for him.

Ten minutes of quality time spent doing what my son loves = being my son's hero.

Sometimes with four little ones so close in age and in a physically needy stage of life (diapers, snacks, potty, referee-ing etc..) I feel stretched a little thin. But this reminder, his appreciation of a little moment spent one-on-one with him, was one of grace. Life might feel chaotic at times, just with basic survival, but our kids are ready to welcome us with open arms and revel in the time we have to give to them.

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  1. Great reminder for us moms of little tykes to take some precious time to "be" with our kids. It's hard sometimes - with so much needing to be done - but those are moments that will never be forgotten. Stopping by from GMG. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

  2. Thank you for stopping by Rosilind.

  3. I wish I was good with legos! LOL! My son knows better than to ask me. We find joy in playing games together and coloring. How thankful they are for the time we give them completely. Thank you for sharing! Stoppin by from GMG. Blessings!

    1. Aw Misty. I'm sure you're not as bad as that. It's amazing how thrilled they are when we show we are just willing to spend some time eh? This is a reminder for me as much as anybody else.....