August 20, 2012

Grace Walking Hand in Hand with Humility

Is it possible that those who understand what God's grace is will be able to extend grace to others, and those who are legalistic in their thinking and opinionated have not understood God's grace to them yet? I am discovering that humility is likely the starting point in understanding God's grace. And the thing holding a person back from really grasping and accepting God's grace in their life is p r i d e.

Pride rears its ugly head in so many forms--comparisons, insecurity, holding onto rights.... And, God's Word is pretty clear that God opposes the proud, but extends grace to the humble. Just check out how Jesus interacts with the Pharisees during his ministry on earth!

Do I want to live my life with God opposing me? The God who flung stars into the universe and spoke the world into being and created my life?

Grace is Free

If I understand this, why do I get caught up in comparing myself with others, and either fueling my insecurities and feelings that I need to try harder or be better, or salving my ego and saying (like the Pharisee in Luke 18 who thanks God he isn't like the robbers or tax collectors!) "My sin isn't as bad as their sin." Wow.

Understanding grace may require taking a walk with humility. Understanding brokenness. Living in a prostrate posture.

Pride is focusing on others' failures.
Pride is self-righteous, and it says "I'm not so bad."
Pride must prove that our way is the best way.
Pride desires to be served and recognized.
Pride is also self-focused, concerned with what others think of us, self-conscious.

How can we extend grace to anyone whilst hanging on to these prideful attitudes?

Humility on the other hand recognizes what I have been saved from and then extends grace to others' failures. A humble spirit doesn't pine for recognition. Humility doesn't concern itself with what others think of us. The humble person is too focused on serving others and caring for their needs. Humility gives up my right to everything and basks in the fact that God's grace has saved me and nothing else!

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  1. What a nice reminder that grace is freely given and humility allows us to receive that grace fully. Thank you for sharing at WJIM this week. Blessings.

    1. Hello...I am featuring this post over at WJIM's Monday's Musings this week. I am glad to share it with others. :o)

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know:) I will head on over to check out a few other links.